The Attract Bees Project

Attract Bees is a project to save the most vulnerable and relied-upon pollinators by increasing the number of bee-friendly habitats across the UK.

There are over 250 bee species in the UK, and they all need your help.

Without bees, we wouldn’t have the readily available foods and varied diets we’re so lucky to enjoy. And we would not have the array of beautiful flowers that we take for granted.

You can contribute to this nationwide habitat reintroduction project by converting part of your garden into a vital bee ecosystem where bees can nest, feed, breed and live.

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Bees To Attract To Your Garden

There are over 250 types of bees in the UK, and you can attract them to your garden or balcony by creating a bee-friendly habitat just for them. Browse our catalogue of bee species and discover the plants and conditions that may tempt these insects into your green spaces.

There are over 200 types of bees in the UK, but only one species of honey bee. These bees are slim, with sandy thoraxes and black abdomens that are lapped by golden bands.

Mining Bees

These solitary bees prefer to make nests underground in loose, sandy soil. Each nest can extend out to 60cm and can easily be spotted by the volcano-shaped mound that marks the entrance.


Bumblebees are large, fluffy and irresistibly charming as they clumsily bumble from flower to flower in summer across the UK. There are 24 UK species, with only a few regularly seen.

Cavity-Nesting Bees

Cavity-nesting bees are solitary bees that nest in holes in wood, walls and even hollow plant stems. They use mud and other masonry materials to build walls that separate each egg in the nest.

Plants That Bees Love

All bees need the nectar from flowers to live. Over thousands of years of evolution, some species have developed a greater fondness for some flowering plants than others. Discover the plants that bees love and the species that each flower could attract.

All Flowering Plants

Browse some of the most desirable flowering plants bees seek out in the UK every year.

Bedding Flowers

These beautiful flowers can easily be grown in your garden to attract a variety of bees.

Trees & Shrubs

Many bees purposely seek out flowering trees and shrubs. Here are some of the most popular.


Discover the native wildflowers that domestic bees have been feeding on for centuries.

Fruit & Vegetables

You can grow your own fruit and veg at home and attract a variety of bees at the same time.


The enticing aroma of herbs attracts a number of creatures, including a range of bee species.