Attract Bees - Attract bumblebees - Red-Tailed-Bumble-Bee. (Bombus lapidarius)

What to look for: These bumblebees are black with red-orange tales. Males have distinctive golden bands across their thorax

Favourite plants: Thistles, bird-footed trefoil, buddleia, and other wildflowers

Making a nest: Social bees that nest in colonies underground

When active: Summer

Where seen: Across the UK

Red-tailed Bumblebees

Female red-tailed bumblebees are pitch black with, you guessed it, distinctive red-orange tales. The males standout from the all-female workers with golden bands across their thorax and yellow hairs around their collar and head.

These social bees nest in colonies underground, often at the base of trees, boulders, walls or buildings. Red-tailed bumblebees are widespread across the UK and have adapted to thrive in woodland, grassland, parks and gardens. Some of their favourite flowers include thistles, bird-footed trefoil and buddleia.