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What to look for: These bees have ginger thoraxes and black abdomens with white tails

Favourite plants: Flowering fruit trees and shrubs, such as raspberries, blackberries and more

Making a nest: Nest in colonies in holes or bird boxes

When active: Early spring to late summer

Where seen: Across England and Wales

Tree Bumblebee

These non-native bumblebees were discovered in the UK in 2001 and widely welcomed due to the fall in domestic bee numbers. Tree bumblebees are distinct from their native cousins by their ginger thoraxes and completely black abdomens with white tails.

As with native species, they live in colonies and nest in cavities in trees or bird boxes. Although non-aggressive, bumblebees can swarm when aggravated, especially when their nest is disturbed.

Tree bumblebees are regularly spotted feeding on fruiting trees, raspberry and strawberry bushes, and a wide range of wildflowers and other fruiting plants, making gardens and allotments great places to attract them.