Bumblebees are large, fluffy and irresistibly charming as they clumsily bumble from flower to flower in summer across the UK. There are 24 UK species, with only a few regularly seen.

Cavity-Nesting Bees

Cavity-nesting bees, also known as mason bees, are solitary bees that nest in holes in wood, walls and even hollow plant stems. They use mud and other masonry materials to build dividing walls called ‘cells’ that separate each laid egg in the nest.

Mining Bees

These solitary bees prefer to make nests underground in loose, sandy soil. Each nest can extend out to 60cm and can easily be spotted by the volcano-shaped mound that marks the. There are around 100 species of these solitary bees in the UK. More about mining bees


There are over 200 types of bees in the UK, but only one species of honeybee. These bees are slim, with sandy thoraxes and black abdomens that are lapped by golden bands. These highly social bees have been domesticated for hundreds of years, so isn’t it about time that you find out more about honeybees?