Bedding Flowers For Bees

Bedding flowers can be found in garden centres across the UK. They are easy to plant, come in an array of vibrant colours, can be purchased as seeds, seedlings, or mature plants, and attract a variety of the UK’s pollinating insects.

Here are some bedding flowers you can plant to attract bees into your garden.

Attract Bees - flower - bedding plants - crocus


When to plant: Early autumn (from bulbs)
When they flower: Spring
Popular with: Hairy-footed Flower Bees, Bumblebees

Attract Bees - flower - wildflower - hawthorn - gold-balm

Bee Balm

When to plant: Spring (from seeds)
When they flower: Summer
Popular with: Garden Bumblebees, Common Carder Bees, Wool Carder Bees

Attract Bees - wallflower

Perennial Wallflower

When to plant: Spring or summer (from semi-hardwood cuttings)
When they flower: Autumn
Popular with: Red Mason Bees, Common Carder Bees, Garden BumblebeesBumblebees

Attract Bees - flower - stonecrop


When to plant: Early spring (from seeds)
When they flower: Autumn
Popular with: Honeybees, Bumblebees

Attract Bees - flower - Snowdrop


When to plant: Early spring (from bulbs)
When they flower: Spring
Popular with: Bumblebees, Honeybees

Attract Bees - Winter acronite

Winter Aconite

When to plant: Late spring (from seeds)
When they flower: Winter
Popular with: Bumblebees, Honeybees, Mining Bees