Bedding plants are commonly found in garden centres up and down the country. They’re often planted to add colour to gardens and attract a host of the UK’s pollinating insects.

Bedding plants are often seasonal and can be bought as seeds, seedlings or fully-grown specimens.

Here are some of the best bedding plants for attracting bees to your garden.

Attract Bees - flower - bedding plants - crocus

Name: Crocus
When to plant: Early autumn (from bulbs)
When they flower: Spring
Popular with: Hairy-footed Flower Bees, Bumblebees

Attract Bees - flower - wildflower - hawthorn - gold-balm

Name: Bee Balm
When to plant: Spring (from seeds)
When they flower: Summer
Popular with: Garden Bumblebees, Common Carder Bees, Wool Carder Bees

Attract Bees - wallflower

Name: Perennial Wallflower
When to plant: Spring or summer (from semi-hardwood cuttings)
When they flower: Autumn
Popular with: Red Mason Bees, Common Carder Bees, Garden Bumblebees

Attract Bees - flower - stonecrop

Name: Sedum
When to plant: Early spring (from seeds)
When they flower: Autumn
Popular with: Honeybees, Bumblebees

Attract Bees - flower - Snowdrop

Name: Snowdrop
When to plant: Early spring (from bulbs)
When they flower: Spring
Popular with: Bumblebees, Honeybees

Attract Bees - Winter acronite

Name: Winter Acronite
When to plant: Late spring (from seeds)
When they flower: Winter
Popular with: Bumblebees, Honeybees, Mining Bees

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