Cavity Nesting

When most people think about nesting bees, they think of a hive buzzing with activity. Although many species in the UK are social and live in colonies, the majority are solitary bees and have very different life cycles and nesting habits...[Discover More]

Mining Bee Nesting

You may be surprised to learn that some bees nest in tunnels underground. This behaviour may seem unusual or even unique, but the truth is that there are 67 UK species that lay their eggs in burrows...[Discover More]

Bumblebee Nesting

There are 24 species of bumblebees in the UK and all live in colonies. Although all types look for dry, dark holes to call home, bumblebees will nest in a variety of places, including natural holes in trees, under boulders or walls, in bird boxes or in purpose-built homes...[Discover More]

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